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Project Detail - Commercial Building - FS Precision

Commercial Building

Project Details:
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Client: Commercial Building
Scope: Repair and Maintenance
Type: Centralized Air Conditioning System

The Problem:
Our team was contacted by a commercial building management company in Kuala Lumpur. They reported a consistent decrease in cooling efficiency across multiple floors due to an inefficient centralized air conditioning system. Occupants were experiencing discomfort, and energy bills were soaring due to the system's poor performance.

The Solution:
Upon assessment, our technicians diagnosed several issues with the central AC system. The system's filters were clogged, ducts were contaminated, and the compressor was showing signs of wear. We proposed a comprehensive maintenance plan, including deep cleaning of the ductwork, replacing filters, and conducting necessary repairs to restore the system's functionality.

The Results:
After implementing our maintenance plan, the results were remarkable. The building's cooling efficiency significantly improved. Occupants reported a noticeable difference in the indoor climate, experiencing enhanced comfort. Moreover, energy bills decreased due to the system's restored efficiency. The building management praised our team for the prompt and effective resolution, expressing satisfaction with the improved air conditioning system.